Thursday, August 07, 2008


I got back from tracking wolves in Idaho last weekend (more about that in future posts) and was pleasantly surprised at how productive my garden had been while I was away. This is my first non-arugula harvest of the summer. Not a large harvest, but I wasn't expecting peas or tomatoes to be ripe at all yet. Looks like the kohlrabi will be my biggest crop, though the tomatoes are doing better than I expected.

Unfortunately I just found out I will have to move at the end of the month. My tomatoes are in buckets so I will be able to take them with me, but I guess I will have to write off the rest of the garden. A bit of a disappointment as this was my first real garden and I didn't want to abandon it, but it has been a good experience regardless.

I also harvest dandelion greens from the garden. It's a lot easier to pick young tender leaves out of the soft garden soil then out of the yard.

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