Sunday, March 11, 2007


It's definitely moving into spring around here. Lots of blooming flowers, a walk down the street is rewarded with floral scents wafting through the air. Today I went out for a little bit and though it was raining it was quite warm - I think it is near 60.

Last week I walked around Green Lake a couple of times. I noticed a couple of gadwalls near the northeast corner, it was the first time I have noticed them at the lake. I wonder about the people fishing at Green Lake. Often when I walk around there I will see several fisherman, particularly around the south and eastern shores. The only time I stopped and talked to one of them he said he was fishing for carp, but it sounded like he didn't speak much English so I didn't end up talking to him much about it. I have never seen any of them with a fish on the line or on the shore. Maybe it is better that way though - they get to enjoy a relaxing past time without the hassle of cleaning any fish.