Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camping Trip

Last night I went "camping" at a sandbar I like to go tracking. I was going pretty minimalist, using just wool blanket to keep me warm at night and a few snacks to eat in the morning. In retrospect, it might have been nice to at least have brought a hat as well. I was warm enough to get to sleep, but woke up several times feeling a bit chilly. This worked out pretty well though, as it made it easy to get up when it got light out. After spending most of the past week staying up till two or three am, this morning I was up and moving at five.

I was hoping to see some large mammals (coyote, bobcat or maybe deer). I think I heard some animals in the night, but didn't see any. The birds were quite active though. Lots of robins, I think there were a bunch of juveniles and I noticed some male aggression - perhaps they are starting a new round of nesting.

I still feel a little frustrated with bird language at times. It was pretty clear to me when the robins were reacting to me, but sometimes I would hear a robin or two alarming while another robin (and other birds) carried on singing in the same area.

It was a lot nicer walking around in the cool peacefulness of the morning then after it heats up around mid-morning. I think I will continue to make a practice of it (though probably not on a regular basis).

The white crowned sparrow (Zonotricha leucophrys) above was quite vocal most of the morning. Often from the same perch where I took this picture. I ended up getting a little too close and he flew off. I waited around for awhile and though he didn't return, several other birds did come by, some of which I will probably post about later.

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