Monday, September 06, 2010

Idaho Hawk

I was in central Idaho helping out with a wolf tracking class this summer. We were walking a trail into the area that the local pack had denned earlier in the year when we came into a small meadow and spooked up this hawk. The meadow was covered in vole and gopher runs, good food for the hawk!

As best I can tell, it is an immature red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis).


possum59 said...

Good photos! I can't catch flying birds on camera at all...nice work.

connor said...

that was 2 nice photos of the red tail hawk.did you see the voles did you see it get a vole .did you see some wolfs if you did you see them take down a elk,deer mountain goats.did you see elk deer or mountain goats tracks or the mammals.

Jonathan said...

Glad you guys like the photos.

I didn't see the voles, or wolves. We did see lots of elk and there tracks, and some elk carcasses that the wolves had eaten.

connor said...

that was a in inresting that was cool that you saw wolf chils.