Monday, October 24, 2005

Fungus and Owls

Plenty of interesting stuff has been happening lately. I haven't had so much time to post about it though. Figured I could post a quick one before I get some kamana journaling done and go to bed.

I found this fungus(?) growing around the hemlock tree that is spread out above my tracking mud. There were numerous clumps of it growing in kind of circular shape. I wonder if fungus does that because it is radiating out from some central original growth.

Oh, I heard the owls again last night (and tonight). There are a couple of barred owls that we heard quite frequently for a couple of weeks around the time we moved into the house. I didn't hear them for another couple of weeks and now they seem to be back again.

(Bowdrill: 11 Handdrill: 4)

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