Monday, January 26, 2009

Track of the Week 17

Setting: Middle of December a couple of years ago, down by the river near Monroe Washington.

1. What gait?

This is a walking gait. Note the even distance between sets of tracks, the relatively wide trail, and relatively short stride.

2. Who?

These are muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) tracks. Muskrats are the largest members of the vole family. Like other voles it has long narrow toes. Like most rodents it has three closely grouped middle toes on its hind feet with two toes out to the side and four more evenly spread out toes on the front feet.

3. Which feet?

Each set of tracks is a hind/front pair. The hinds show the middle three toes strongly and, on the first two particularly, just barely show the side toes or any heel pad. The front feet are just beyond the hinds so the muskrat was moving in an understep walk.

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SA said...

1. standing
2. Wolf
3. I forgot the question