Saturday, September 13, 2008

Common Nighthawk with Babies

While Mallory and I were exploring our first day in camp she happened upon some common nighthawk chicks and their ma. They're cute little tykes and are well camouflaged. Can you pick them out below?

There mom was pretty well camouflaged too.

I was impressed by how wide she could open her mouth, particularly considering how small her mouth looked when it was closed.

She was clearly trying to distract me from the chicks but didn't seem to be working at it too hard. Perhaps she had somewhat given up since we obviously knew where they were. She stayed about 20 feet away from me and would move further away and act like her wing was damaged when I moved towards her.


connor said...

that was a great photo what were you doing wen you found the night hawk? was it exsietting to see the night hawks?

rowan said...

how big were the common nighthawk babies?

Jonathan said...

My friend found the night hawk when she was looking around for wolf tracks. Yes, it was exciting to see them.

I don't remember how big the babies were exactly, but probably around a couple of inches long.